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Fulton County Schools Online Free and Reduced Application

The Free & Reduced Price Meal Benefits Program is a part of the National Child Nutrition Program. This program makes Free or Reduced priced meals available to qualifying households. Qualifications are based on the gross income of all household members and the number of persons living in the house.

The Fulton County School Nutrition Department uses a sales system that assures every child is treated equally. Students receiving free or reduced price meals are not identified, or singled out in any way while they are purchasing a school meal. Information regarding eligibility is kept strictly confidential.

Households must submit a new free & redu​ced application each school year. Applications take up to 10 days to process. Households are responsible for meal pay​ment until the application is approved. Returning students maintain last year’s status for the first 30-days of the new school year.

Below is a Federal Income Chart that will help you to determine your eligibility.

For additional information, please view our Frequently Asked Questions and the Application Instructions.​​

Household Size Yearly Monthly Weekly
1 $23,828.00 $1,986.00 $459.00
2 $32,227.00 $2,686.00 $620.00
3 $40,626.00 $3,386.00 $782.00
4 $49,025.00 $4,086.00 $943.00
5 $57,424.00 $4,786.00 $1,105.00
6 $65,823.00 $5,486.00 $1,266.00
7 $74,222.00 $6,186.00 $1,428.00
8 $82,621.00 $6,886.00 $1,589.00

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