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MyPaymentsPlus FAQ

MyPaymentsPlus Customer Support: 1-877-237-0946

  1. Will it cost me anything to register?

    Answer: Registration is FREE! Upon registering you can view your child's balances, purchase history, and set up the account to email you when your child's balances fall below a certain amount. A small fee only applies when making prepayments via credit/debit card online. Meal prepayments can also be made anytime at the school cafeteria.

  2. Which number is the Student ID number?

    Answer: The Student ID number referenced in the MyPaymentsPlus information is the Permanent Number (Permnum) in SASI. This is the number that is assigned to each student and goes with them from school to school. It is the number that is on the student's schedule, report card, etc. It is not the Georgia Testing or Social Security number.

  3. Can the web address for MyPaymentsPlus be posted on the school website or emailed to parents?

    Answer:The web address can be posted as long as it is not a hyperlink which means the parent cannot click on the address and advance to the website.

  4. Is there a transaction fee for using MyPaymentsPlus?

    Answer:Yes, a fee is charged by the company handling the transaction. It is a service being offered and the customer pays a fee just like when a credit or debit card is used to pay for services.

  5. What is the fee for using MyPaymentsPlus?

    Answer:The fee is 4.29%. For example, If the parent puts $20.00 on the student's account the transaction fee is $.86. This fee will be charged each time a parent goes online to make a payment.

  6. Can the parent still send cash or a check to the cafeteria manager to prepay for student meals?

    Answer:Yes, prepaying for meals online is just a new service that households can take advantage of, if they choose to do so.

  7. Are electronic bank drafts accepted?

    Answer:No, only credit and debit cards will be accepted.

  8. Can students bring cash, money order, or a check to the school at the beginning of the semester and set the MyPaymentsPlus account up in the school cafeteria?

    Answer:Yes, prepaying for meals online is just a new service that households can take advantage of, if they choose to do so.

  9. Do students actually receive a card, or is everything electronic?

    Answer:The money is credited to the student's cafeteria account. The student keys in their meal number as is the current process when going through the cafeteria line.

  10. Can students still pay cash at the cash register for meals?

    Answer:Yes, paying for meals online is just an additional service.

  11. Can parents of new students open an account when they enter Fulton County Schools?

    Answer:Yes, they will need to go online and open a new account using the student's permanent ID number assigned when they entered Fulton County Schools.

MyPaymentsPlus FAQ